Women Support Women – right? Newsflash: Not Always.

Churning through this 15+ year career, I have been burned, screwed-over, back-stabbed and full-on financially ripped off by more WOMEN then MEN.

Let that sink in…

Women can be brutal – cut you through to your soul BRUTAL.
Make you question your sanity and ability to human BRUTAL!!

Granted, everyone has their own experience but I can say from my experience – men have not been the reason I’ve been held back.

I’ve been “slowed-up’ by my inability to ‘read the tea leaves’ and be aware there WOMEN out here trying to screw each other over. I give women the benefit of the doubt – some lady solidarity – and it has literally cost me TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars, not to mention time, energy and sanity.


I won’t give up on collaborating with women. I know there is an endless supply of them, just need to keep digging – keep connecting – keep charging ahead, despite what everyone else is doing, what they say to your face or behind your back.

Today I say: KEEP DOING YOU!
  • Don’t let a few bad b*tches ruin the story for all of us.
  • Don’t let the directness of men overshadow the insidious toxins women can inject into our thoughts by ‘relating to us as fellow women’ only to use it against you or throw shade on our brand as women.
  • Don’t let the emotional aloofness of men…anyone! overpower the parasitic feast of care, concern, and compassion some women can siphon from you until you have nothing left for yourself.


I’m in full support of women – and men – and everything in between. Just because you’re female doesn’t mean you get a free pass to be crass.

  • Thankful for all the men, women and blended genders in my network.
  • Thank you for keeping me going when there are so many trying to stop me.
  • Thank you for DOING YOU so that I can keep building ME.

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