Melissa Mosher

Melissa Mosher

Executive Assistant

What's on LinkedIn and How I Leverage It

LinkedIn is my way to create an online, shareable, resume-based employer-specific network. Most often this is 3rd updates such as promotions, employer changes, and industry-specific news. This is a bit 'more formal' than Facebook - picture: What would you let your manager read? In my case: tech, Seattle-businesses, and admin-related jobs, topics, speakers and influences. 

We take in a lot of content from a variety of channels every single day. It's important to be clear about what's being shared on the platform to help readers #navigatethenoise.

Starting as a receptionist over a decade ago [yowzers!], with 12 years and climbing, this is my intentional career.  Currently holding #mydreamjob as an executive assistant for in Seattle, WA and loving every minute of it. I have been so thrilled to build a career helping make the hard sh*t look easy and the easy stuff - invisible.

Welcome to my professional history and employeer-network.

I have had an incredible journey learning [sometimes trial by fire] from some remarkable leaders, organizations and industries. 

This is my 'short-version' resume and employer-based network. I general connect with intent, be it industry, tech, networking groups and more. The primary use of this is to share business-style influences and professional 'recruiter-friendly' background. "Every job is temporary." - J.T. O'Donnell [some jobs moreso than others] 


  • PRIMARY THEME: What would I print off and show my immediate, past or future manager?
  • The professional companies and roles I've held in my career. 
  • Connections, influencers, event shares, and recognition
Let's Connect [and drop a note to tell me why!? ^.^]