We Are Support Savvy

Self-driven and peer-enhance, Support Savvy is an online chat and resource community developed exclusively for Admins: Executive and Administrative Operation and Support Staff.

As a collective, Support Savvy is dedicated to collecting the best from around the admin industry and building authentic connections.


Support Savvy was enthusiastically launched in mid-2016 with the intention of developing an online and in-person admin community. What began as an online chat platform, quickly developed into a resolve to solve the root of the issues being discussed among community members. What we found was that admins are an underserved community, sharing the same essential struggles.

Peer connection: The world of an admin can be lonely. Because of the nature of the job, most admins are in the vast minority in their company and are often the solo hero in the office. Support Savvy was built specifically to address the need for connection and support between admins. We've built a peer-only conversation platform (via Slack) for authentic interactions between admins from all industries and backgrounds, crossing international boundaries. WARNING: This platform is rumored to foster excessive fun and long-term relationships with a high probability of professional tomfoolery.

Whether you work for a large company that staffs hundreds of admins, or in a private firm where you're one of a few admins, you can rest easily knowing that you have a network of support that supersedes local or employer networks. Our membership community includes some of the most respected figures in executive support, administrative operations, social media, relationship management, and experienced contributing business partners. We've partnered with leading organizations such as EAO, RedCape, Office Dynamics, Admin 2 Admin, BristolPA and more to provide the most relevant admin-specific content and news available today.

Education and resources: Admins are expected to be experts in just about everything, able to make magic happen at a moment's notice. Admins have to learn new technology and understand their company's industry as it changes and grows. Support Savvy is designed to help admins by providing educational content, resources, tools, and mentorship to admins, to help them tackle the next challenge at work.

What sets Support Savvy apart from other admin platforms is that it has built a robust portfolio to fulfill (and expand on) these two essential admin needs. You no longer have to wade through the 30+ admin groups in LinkedIn alone to find what you're looking for, you can find what you need here, through real-time conversations, in an easy-to-navigate space, surrounded by other admins who are eager to connect, teach, and learn.

Support Savvy already boasts a membership of 225 admins in a private Slack community and continues to build on our comprehensive admin industry event calendar, with speaker bios, venue details, and content descriptions to help admins create their own custom event plan.

Stay tuned for more as this is only the beginning - Stay Savvy!





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